Why join our Partner Program

At Ultreya Tours there is nothing we value more than your trust and custom. We will go the extra mile to respond to your expectations and provide you and your client with a wonderful and unique experience on the Camino de Santiago.

To help you promote our services and reward your business, we created a detailed Partner Program. For further information, please download and read through our Partner Pack and let us know if you have any questions or doubts by emailing info@ultreyatourscamino.com or calling +34 881 249 039. We are happy to customize this Partner Program to your special case so the best is to contact us to discuss your needs.

Attractive Commission Structure

We believe every business you bring us should be rewarded.

For this we offer what we believe is a very generous commission structure to thank you for joining our Partner Program and to ensure you want to keep working with us.

Our commission structure is based on the number of individual tours you resell during a set period of time. It means you will receive a percentage of the total cost as premium for bringing us new clients.

If you are willing to enter our partnership program and build a trusting relationship with us, you will be eligible for the following commission structure:

• up to 12 tours sold per year: 10% commission of total price
• 12 to 30 tours sold per year: 12% commission
• 30 to 50 tours sold per year: 14% commission
• over 50 tours sold per year: 16% commission

You, therefore, just need two small groups of 6 people each to obtain 12% commission. Any Agency who do not wish to sign an agreement with us will receive 10% commission which will not be progressive.

The commission levels are assigned on your first invoice depending on the number of people booked and are retroactive and progressive. To explain how this works let’s say you book a tour for 10 people with us, you will get either a 10% discount or a refund of 10% according to your preferences. The next time you book with us during the same calender year, we will readjust the commission level to the correct percentage for your first booking and your second. This means if 2 months later you get another group of let’s say 22 people, you will be eligible for a 14% commission. You will then be invoiced for the total cost of the 22 tours minus 14% commission on this sale + the 4% commission from your first sale.

On top of this commission, you might be eligible for special promotions we regularly run for our Travel Agency Network. This might mean free upgrades for your group to the next category hotel and free day-time activities. We will add you to our Reseller Newsletter to keep you up-to-date with our latest offers.

We value this policy because if gives you an incentive to book again with us and ensures smaller resellers get the same advantages as larger corporation and everyone knows what to expect.

Mutually beneficial and flexible Partnership Agreement

If you are to sign a contract with us we want you to be satisfied with all the terms of the Agreement so for this reason our Partnership Agreements are unique to each partner. However, we do insist on the following 5 points:

We will deliver our best service to you, respond in 24h to your enquiries and always aim at resolving issues on the Camino within 20min.
You will have access to our very best offers and we will keep you informed of any new products or deals that could be of interest to you
We will train you on selling the Camino de Santiago, be available to answer all your doubts about our tours and provide you with all the material you need to promote our tours
You will receive PDF versions of all our tours, written and visual material that you can use in your own communication: your website, newsletter, brochure, advertisement
We will do our best to answer your requests for communication materials, branding products and if possible we will send a representative to participate at your events

By signing a contract between the two of us we hoping to build a real trust relationship and in our opinion this means:

There should be no conflict of interest between us
If appropriate we would like to offer you exclusivity in your region, which means all inquiry we receive from your region will be directed to you and we won't work with other agencies in that region.
If we offer exclusivity, we expect the same from you. We ask our partners to solely work with us on the Camino de Santiago for the duration of our contract.
We expect you to use Ultreya Tours' name as the provider of the service
We will assign one Camino Planner to your Agency so you don't get confused talking to different agents

Communication material and assistance to recruit new tour members

Ultreya Tours services on top of booking your accommodation, meals, daytimes activities on the Camino de Santiago also include help to recruit new tour members if you are looking for a larger group

Planning an information reunion? If we cannot make it in person, we will provide you with a Power-point or Prezi Presentation for your tour including videos and images to make you dream you were already on the Way.

Need help creating a information page? We have ready-made some Facebook and other Social Media Group Pages, Charity Crowdfunding Fundraising Pages like GoFundMe and even Basic Websites templates that you are welcome to use. Simply ask us and we will advise you on the best techniques and customize our templates for you according to your needs.

Need visuals and content for your communication?We have tons of photos from the Camino de Santiago and many articles that can be of help to you. So, let us know what you need and we will be happy to search through our database or simple go for a walk outside and take the picture you need.

So, don't hesitate contact us and join our Camino Partner Network!