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Yoga on the Camino

Namaste Yogis! Have you ever thought of taking your Yoga out of the Shala? Many yogis from around the world are already walking the Camino de Santiago as a way to expand their practice. This ancient pilgrimage trail has the footprints of centuries of spiritual seekers, that walked in the search of spiritual advance. Just the walk itself is a transformation at the physical, mental and spiritual level. Now, imagine where it can take us, if we add Yoga to the picture!

This itinerary was tailored as a very open path for Yoga teacher's groups and can be adapted to your budget, special requirements and dates. We will design your Journey, take care of all the details and provide experienced English-speaking yoga teachers and guides. Detox retreats? Silence retreats? Meditation retreats? Our Yoga on the Camino tour can hold any spiritual practice, so simply ask us for a tailor-made quote!

price on request

  • Yoga on the Camino INCLUDES

    • A dedicated English-speaking yoga teacher
    • Reserved spaces to practice yoga daily in your hotels
    • Luggage transfers from hotel to hotel
    • En-suite accommodation in charming luxurious manors & 2 to 4* hotels
    • Dinner at a Michelin Star restaurant in Ourense (if available)
    • Emergency support from our local team
    • All taxes and gratuities for the hotels
    • A detailed guidebook per room made by the Official Association of the Mozárabe Route in Ourense bilingual English / Spanish
    • All breakfasts and three-courses dinners (house wine included with dinners on request)
    • A Pilgrim Kit per person including an official Pilgrim Passport (Credential)
    • Walk between 10 km and 15 km per day

    ask us for a proposal

    The Yoga on the Camino be organized on request for small groups of between 5 and 15 participants on the date of your choice and fully customised to your needs.

    Contact us for pricing details including tour escorts, yoga teachers, extra days or activities, longer walking days, different routes, travel insurance, stop-overs and day tours.

    •   fact file

      Accommodation  Luxurious Manors & 2 to 4* Hotels
      Total Walking Distance  106 km
      Duration  10 days / 9 nights
      Starts  Ourense
      Stops  Tamallancos, Cea, Oseia, Dozon, Lalin, Silleda, Lestedo
      Ends  Santiago de Compostela
    • highlights

      Get your Compostela
      Experience the peace of walking a less popular Camino
      Enter Santiago through its most beautiful Way
      A perfect yoga retreat

Looking for a different route? You can choose to add yoga to the the French Way or the Portuguese Way or ask for a personnalized itinerary.

what to expect on this tour?

Expect to find time, space and silence to ground your Yoga practice. Expect to share with other spiritual wonderers. Improve your physical and breathing capacity with the daily 3-5 hours walk. We designed this tour around our Yogi's eyes, our personal experiences of the Camino, client feedback and recommendations so your group can have the best experience possible along the Way. Take your time to travel through beautiful Galician green countryside, timeless villages and rediscover the pleasure of being in direct contact with nature while integrating all the sensations of your Yoga practice.

To find out more about why we think the Camino and Yoga go so well together, read Silvia Santos' reflection on the similarities between the two practices and how their history and probably future is linked.

Note: The stops, activities and distances detailed in the tour itinerary are subject to accommodation availability. Ask us for a final itinerary based on your dates and requirements! We will happily customize this itinerary by adapting the number of days and the distances to your specific interests and needs! Learn more about our Services here.

Your yoga retreat on the Camino

At Ultreya Tours, we love the Camino and have passionate Yoga practitioners in our team designing the best route, with the eyes of a yogi. Because we want to help every Yoga pilgrimage, we have tailored a very open path which can accommodate Yoga teachers' groups at your choice of budgets and dates. If you have a group of practitioners, we can design your Journey and provide experienced teachers. Detox retreats? Silence retreats? Meditation retreats? Our Camino is ready to hold any spiritual practice. Let's talk!

Because, we want you to just concentrate on your path, we take care of booking all the details including providing quality accommodation, daily information about the route, a deeper immersion into the local culture with your guide, luggage transfers from hotel to hotel, large breakfasts, three-course dinners and the award-winning Ultreya Tours 24/7 local assistance.

Why yoga on the Camino sanabres

Of all the routes to Santiago to choose from, we selected the last 106 km of the ancient Roman Gold Trade Route, from Ourense to Santiago with an average of 13 km (8 miles) per day.

Starting from the Roman Termal City of Ourense, you will walk through oak and eucalyptus forests towards one of the most important Monasteries in the region and a Sacred Mountain - El Pico Sacro - before entering Santiago de Compostela, the City of the Apostle Saint James, by what is probably its most scenic entrance.

This is the only Camino where we were able to shorten the walking days to only 13 km (8 miles) per day with excellent accommodation each night without having to drive more than 5 / 10 min to your hotel. Not only does this mean less strain on your legs and back, as you walk shorter distances each day, but this will give you time to integrate your Yoga practice and still take in those wonderful and unique places, really enjoy the hotel facilities and maybe even do some tourism in the afternoon.

A typical Yoga on the Camino day

You will welcome the day with a yoga practice on the mat, waking up your body and mind in order to receive the most out of your walk. Choose to do it in silence or with other pilgrims. The route inspires silence and introspection but we encourage you to live the Camino as you wish.

You will practice Yoga while on the trail everyday. Inspiring ancient forests, quiet villages that roll in slow motion, “fairy tale” looking farms, waterfalls, rivers, infinite valleys and historic vestiges of the Celtic and roman cultures will be your Shala. In the evening, all the magic gathered on the trail is settled with a another mat practice before enjoying another highlight of the journey… The Spanish Cuisine!


We take particular pride in the quality of our accommodation. We regularly visit and rate all our providers to ensure your group only stays in the best accommodation along the Way according to your budget and needs.

On this tour, you will sleep in charming luxurious manors near the Camino & 2 to 4* hotels in town centers. They all provide a welcoming, authentic and unique experience with all the comfort and service you would expect from a hotel of that category.

Everyday, as you change accommodation, you will find your suitcase, left with your hotel receptionist in the morning, will travel with you to the next accommodation. Besides a Yoga Shala in each hotel, you will have different facilities to enjoy including for example swimming pools and spas (during summer and in selected locations).

Eat fresh, delicious & traditional meals

Galicia is proud to have a few Michelin star restaurants (you will be trying out 1* Restaurant NOVA in Ourense - if available) and is known all over Spain for the quality of our products and our cooks' skills. So, expect mouth-watering three-course dinners made out with fresh, local ingredients served either at your hotel or at a local nearby restaurant, whichever offer the best quality meals according to your specifications. Local wine can be included at dinner on request.

Lunch is usually not included to allow you to stop whenever you feel you need a break and to enjoy quality time with the new friends you will make along the Way.

We cater for vegetarians, vegans and any special dietary requirements or allergies. Just let us know beforehand so we can advise the chefs.

Add extra days or activities for an unforgettable adventure

Why not take advantage of the fact you are in Spain to do some tourism and visit Madrid, Barcelona, Grenada or any Spanish city on your bucket list? The closest International airport to your Camino is Santiago de Compostela, but we recommend flying into Madrid and connecting to Ourense with the bullet train (4h30 journey). We recommend adding a couple nights in Madrid before leaving for Ourense and maybe visiting Andalusia (Sevilla, Granada, Cordoba for example), which is where this Camino starts.

We can help you choose and book those extra nights before or after your tour and organize day tours around Galicia to, for example, the beautiful Cies Islands, or to Finisterre or extra activities during the tour (wine-tasting, Balneotherapy, guided City tours or much more. Check out our selection of Day Tours in Galicia and European Stop-Overs or let your imagination run wild and let us know let us know how you would like to make this tour unique.

CAMINO Sanabrés / Mozárabe / Via de la Plata DAY BY DAY ITINERARY

This 9 nights route brings you along the last 106 km of the Sanabrés / Mozárabe route from Ourense to Santiago with shorter walking days.

Map and elevations of the last 106 km of the Camino de Santiago Via de la Plata from Ourense to Santiago


Make your way to Ourense by taking a private taxi, bus or train from Santiago (about 1h drive) or taking a direct bullet train from Madrid (4h30 journey). Your first night on the Camino Sanabrés will be in a 4* hotel in the Old Quarter of Ourense, the thermal capital of Galicia.

The city is most famous for its Burgas (the name of its geothermal springs). For centuries, the medicinal springs of the city have been famed for having thermal properties and its fountains for their crystal clear water. Make sure to arrive early (or the night before) to enjoy the free As Burgas, situated 900m from your hotel, and the public & private Outariz termal baths (on the banks of the river Miño 6 km away - accessible with the touristic train) before enjoying a Michelin Star dinner in Restaurant Nova (if available) just steps away from your hotel.

DAY 2 -13KM - WALK FROM ourense to Tamallancos

Finally, today, you start walking the Sanabrés Way from the beautiful town of Ourense. Leaving your hotel on foot, cross the Puente Viejo, a 12th century bridge over Rio Mino and continue on the avenida de Santiago. Make sure you choose the route that will bring you to Tamallancos and not Canedo which would mean a few kilometers less walk but a very difficult climb on asphalt.

As soon as you exit the city, the Camino will test you with the toughtest climb of the trip - up 400m between km 3 and 9. But once you have passed this challenge, it will a fairly relaxing walk on charming cobblestone roads through small hamlets. Your destination for the day is the the village of Tamallancos with its Santa María Church, where your host will pick you up and drive you to a gorgeous guest-house nearby in Villamarin.

DAY 3 - 10KM - WALK FROM tamallancos to cea

Today will be the shortest day of your trip, so, take it easy and enjoy the peaceful countryside. Last night’s host will drive you back to Tamallancos in the morning, and ensure you have enough water and food for the day, as there won’t be many place to stop until Cea. Along the way, you will pass the admirable XIII century bridge of Sobreira over the Barbantiño River and continue to the hamlet of Faramontaos. Be careful along the slope in the last kilometers as the path will be very stony and uneven.

Your hotel for the night is a charming traditional guest-house in the heart of Cea, just as you walk into the village.

DAY 4 - 14KM - WALK FROM cea to dozon

Today, as you walk into the province of Pontevedra, you will have to choose whether to continue the Camino from Cea on the official route, or to go on a variant route that leads to the monastery of Oseira, a magnificent monument considered by many to be the Galician Escorial. This alternative involves an extra 5 km and is very beautiful but we recommend going through Piñor to only walk 14km and avoid abrupt steep climbs on cement and a usually very muddy and wet path in A Gouxa.

Follow the official route to Porto do Souto, Cotelas, then continue downhill to A Mirela and to Piñor to later pass through Albarona, Fontelo and Arenteiro before finally arriving into Dozon. Here, ask your host to pick you up and bring you to a beautiful casa rural in Casarellos. From the guest-house, it will cost you about €10 back and forth to get to the Monastery of Oseira, which will probably be one of your trip's highlight. Visits of the Monastery last 1h, cost €3 per person and start at 10am, 11am, 12pm, 3:30pm , 4:30pm, 5:30pm & 6:30pm.

DAY 5 - 13KM - WALK FROM dozon to lalin

After a transfer back into Dozón, you will be alterning between peacefull oak woods path and asphalt roads meeting up several times with the busy N-525 road. From now on, the Camino will be mostly downhill all the way to Santiago so you have done the most difficult sections.

You will pass farmlands and hamlets before reaching Estación de Lalín (the town’s train station). This area is situated 4.5 kilometres from the urban centre of Lalín and your 4* Spa Hotel (if available - otherwise you will stay in a 2* hotel in Lalin) is located on the Camino just after Lalín. Give them a call to arrange for a pick-up and make sure to arrive early to enjoy our complementary 1h30 spa circuit + a local massage or body wrap per person (must be booked in advance, so let us know what time suits you best).

DAY 6 - 15KM - WALK FROM lalin to silleda

Today, you will be walking up and downhill through woodlands, farmlands and small villages before entering Silleda, famous for the international Green Week (Semana Verde) a cattle and agricultural fair.

You will pass the notable 912 romanic Ponte Tabeada but, unfortunately, you find there will be a bit too much asphalt and you will have to border an industrial estate for a couple kilometres before reaching Silleda, where your host for the night will pick you up. If available, you will be staying in a beautiful 14th century renovated Pazo with 4 acres of tranquil, idyllic gardens, surrounded by century-old trees and a swimming pool.

DAY 7 - 14KM - WALK FROM silleda to Oca

Expect an easy and pleasant stage on good ground into the province of A Coruña. Starting with an easy stroll towards Bandeira, a town famous for its empanadas (Galician pastry pies), you will be walking downhill through farmlands and villages to Oca de Arriba. Make sure to not to follow the signs (that have been crossed out) indicating that the campsite of Medelo on the right hand side.

You will get your first glimpse of the mountain of O Pico Sacro, the most sacred mountain in Galicia and the subject of many legends which includes dragons (it is said the mountain itself was a dragon which was petrified), the Queen Lupa and the remains of the Apostle Saint James. You will stay in a charming rural guest-house, located in Os Casares by the Oca River and in the afternoon you can decide to visit the gardens of the Pazo de Oca, famous all over Galicia.

DAY 8 - 14KM - WALK FROM oca to lestedo

As you approach Santiago de Compostela, enjoy an easy and pleasant walk along a beautiful path always with views onto the Pico Sacro. Among the many successive crosses, bridges and chapels of strong Jacobean tradition, you will pass in particular the church of San Miguel de Castro, cross an impressive railway bridge, and the hamlets of Noveledo and Hundían.

There will be a sharp descent into Ponte Ulla, where you should take the time to visit the old castle and the Church of Santa Maria da Magdalena. Also ensure you have your credential stamped in the albergue as you won’t have many opportunities until Lestedo. 200m away from the Camino as you enter Lestedo, you will find your hotel a 18th-century country house with a swimming pool surrounded by gardens, with waterfalls and a horreo, a traditional Galician granary.


This is it! Only 13 km separates you from your goal: the resting place of the Apostle Saint James in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. You will pass the hamlets of Ardariz, Rubial and the railway station of A Susana, before finally entering Marrozos, the first village in the council of Santiago. Next is Aldrei, Vixoi, the chapel of Santa Lucía, Piñeiro do Eixo and, Angrois. You will then notice the City of Culture on top of mount Gaiás - an extravageant architectural and cultural project which includes a huge library and a museum usually themed around the Camino de Santiago -, before joining the Camino Real de Angrois and entering the Santiago neighbourhood of Sar. Here, you will get our first glimpse of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela and enter the historic centre of Santiago through the Porta de Mazarelos, the only original remaining door to the Medieval Walled City.

Soon enough you will reach the Plaza del Obradoiro, where the Cathedral will present itself to you, majestic and beautiful. Stop here for a while and breath in this moment, do whatever feels right.

You still have a few things to do today, after you check-in at your 3* hotel just a few minutes walk away, get your pilgrim certificate & marvel at the architecture of our beloved City before enjoying your last dinner on the Camino.

day 8 - Start of your next adventure

A wise pilgrim once told us “the real Camino starts where the Camino de Santiago finishes but I will not be afraid because the Camino will always be there for me.”

We hope the Camino has brought you whatever you were looking for and wish to see you again soon!

Happy Customers

"They say the best gift of the Camino is the wonderful person or persons you encounter, and you were no exception even though we had met online several months before my Camino began. Thank you for ALL the arrangements you made for us. You chose the right distances for my daily walk, the right Casa rurales for my lodging, and I couldn't have had nicer hosts who made my visits comfortable." Victor from Edmonton, Canada - September 2016

"We are glad we have chosen this path with Ultreya and Nellie! Thank you for finding these great places! The walk was magical- we especially loved the trees - oak, chestnut and eucalyptus! And the granaries of course! Love" Lauri and Joani from Albuquerque, USA

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